Invisible Bead Extensions®️ also known as IBE®️, is a unique method that is used by licensed cosmetologists to install hand-tied hair extensions.

Invisible Bead ExtensionsWhile many extensions leave guests feeling exposed with certain hairstyles, IBE®️ gives a seamless look from every view. It offers flexibility and comfort even when worn in a ponytail. This patent-pending method literally “flipped” the extension industry.

Maintenance to keep hand-tied extensions looking beautiful and luscious is recommended every 7-10 weeks.

These packages include extensions, installation, color services for both extensions and natural hair, and a custom cut and styling.

Although IBE®️ extensions are a definite investment, the gorgeous, voluminous, natural results last for a long time when properly cared for. Once installed, IBE®️ can be enjoyed from anywhere between 6-8 months with regular maintenance.

Invisible Bead Extensions

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